What’s it all about?

Master Pip grew tired of all the rush-rush-hustle-and-bustle of the world today, and calmed himself down with a hot chocolate.  This was a delightful repose, but was missing something.  He realised that instant hot chocolates available today were coming in half way through the process.  Where was the foreplay?  You can’t relax without preparation – sinking into a chair with a mug of cocoa is all well and good, but boiling a kettle and spooning in powder just doesn’t hit the spot.

Pip’s Chocolate for Milk is a luxurious process from start to finish.  From pouring out the milk, adding the chocolate, melting it all together in the pan (whisking to a froth if that’s your thing!), then filling your mug and finally sitting back in your favourite chair with the most delicious, warming, soothing hot chocolate you’ve ever tasted.

And do you know what?  It costs less than you’ll pay at a coffee shop. So go and visit the shop now!  All prices even include standard postage in the UK.