Nibs are the awesome loyalty points scheme from Pip.  But why call them points when you can call them Nibs?  For every pound you spend (it’s actually £1.01 due to some annoying intricacies of the system where it rounds up values) you get two Nibs.  Each nib is worth 1p, so it’s like you’re getting 2% back on your chocolate to be offset against MORE chocolate in the future!


So what are the restrictions?  Legally you must be told that Nibs have no intrinsic cash value, and cannot be exchanged for cash.  They can be used to discount any purchases on the website (not including shipping fees), and they run out after 6 months.  Don’t worry if you’re forgetful – an email will be sent to your registered address ten days before they expire, giving you plenty of time to use them.
Oh, and only registered users earn Nibs.  If you checkout as a guest, I’m afraid you get none.


That’s it!  If you want to see how many nibs you have, you can look in the My Account section.