*Hot Chocolate Subscription*

If you want to send yourself or someone else a small gift in the post on a monthly basis, then this is where you need to be…

Here you can choose from a standard or a vegan subscription where you will get 2 x 100g packs of hot chocolate crumb.  That’s 4-5 servings per pack, depending on how you make it, so you get up to ten servings of Pip’s Real Hot Chocolate per month in the post for just £7.95.

Because I love you all.

Choose from a mystery selection each time, or a specific flavour if you know what you like and you just can’t get enough of it!

Payments are taken on the 1st of each month, and are then sent out on the 15th by first class postage.  Just choose your subscription type below.

Coin Label Nuevo Classic Coin Label Nuevo Orange Coin Label Nuevo Black Forest Coin Label Nuevo Hazelnot Praline

Coin Label Nuevo After Hours Coin Label Nuevo Cinnamon Coin Label Nuevo Red Velvet Coin Label Nuevo Pure White

Coin Label Nuevo Black Gold Coin Label Nuevo Black Orange Coin Label Nuevo Black Mint Coin Label Nuevo Black Praline

Subscriptions continue until you cancel your Direct Debit – this can be done directly with your bank.