How we discovered Pips…

In the Spring of 2017, we went on a vacation that started in London, England and stretched to the southwest coast of Wales, with several stops along the way. It was while we were in Cardiff, Wales searching for gifts to bring home, that we discovered a little display of a product called “Pips Real Hot Chocolate”. It was like nothing we had seen before in Canada and thought it would make a unique gift to bring back for family and friends. The chocoholics in the family were thrilled! Everyone was intrigued by the fact these little beauties are made by hand, using all natural flavors and colors and are vegan/vegetarian friendly.

That is where our experience with Pips real hot chocolate began. When we ran through our stash of hot chocolate we decided to reach out and see if we could get some of this product sent across the pond to us but as you see, we have done much more than that. We decided that everyone needed to experience Pips real hot chocolate for themselves.

Our hope is that everyone will get to experience a little luxury in their day-to-day life, even if it’s just in the time it takes to make a mug of hot chocolate. The day is done. No more noise, no more hustle and bustle. Just you and your mug of Pips. So, put up your feet, sit back, relax and enjoy decadence at it’s best and when you run out, reach out. We will be here all year round.

Whitney has worked in the culinary world for 15 years. She is a Chopped Canada champion and continues to experiment and explore vegetarian and vegan foods from various cultures. She has worked in pastry for approximately 5+ years and is currently Head Chef at Hotel Gelato in Toronto. 

Emmalee has a background in retail management and coaching as well as retail sales. She has been vegetarian for more than 15 years and she too likes to create and experiment with vegetarian and vegan dishes from different cultures. She has more recently been experimenting with Pips and the various flavors in cooking and baking.